The ULCF is funded by Unitylink Financial Services. We are the first money transfer company with a charitable foundation supporting orphans living with disability in Ghana with a focus on building communities and transforming lives.

Unitylink has a strong heritage going back over 25 years of providing financial services, with a deep understanding and passion for Ghanaian culture. We are the most trusted independently-owned remittance company in Europe devoted to serve the European-African remittances market.

We are committed to using our resources and brand not only to provide great service to our customers, but to give back to Ghanaians.

ULCF is funded mainly from the profits of businesses in the Unitylink Group. Every time someone uses Unitylink to transfer funds it grows our ability to be able to help those that need it the most.

A percentage (1%) of the transfer fees by our customers is donated to the fund.

I want to say a very big thank you to Unitylink financial services for coming to the aid of this institution. When we get donations of this nature we are so grateful. We are so thankful.

Kofi Korlan
Nsawam Hospital Administrator

Our Goals

We have a clear set of goals that we focus on when undertaking our activities. We maximise the positive change created by our donations and programmes with five clear objectives:

  • To support Orphans with disability who are children
  • Providing them with sector driven training development intervention
  • To provide innovative training and development as well as general wellbeing
  • To facilitate educational , both formal and informal sponsorships
  • To support the healthcare of children born with disability


  • This project been piloted by Unitylink Financial Services will have its funding stream from the commissions that customers pay, representing a percentage of money transferred through unity link.
  • Management and staff will be appealed to, to support the project by giving monthly or yearly contribution.
  • Piggy boxes dubbed “ the orphan coin project “would be placed in branches of Unity Link
  • Negotiations with network partners to support the project

ULCF initiative aftercare

  • Sourcing of viable business opportunities
  • Companies are approached to set aside business opportunities for PLD
  • Education Sponsorship
  • Mentorship
  • Facilitating funding applications
  • Business development support
  • Training programmers